Clarion 310c AutoPC
Features And Benefits

From the industry leader in car multimedia comes Clarion AutoPC™, representing a dramatic shift in the evolution of car multimedia. With the AutoPC, every driver can have a powerful companion on the road. The Clarion AutoPC™ is the first ever in-dash personal assistant which combines the quality of a Clarion car stereo with all the power and innovation of the Computer Age. And, since it can all be controlled through voice activation, you'll never have to take your hands off the wheel.

"Just Talk To Me"

"Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. I'm always listening, so just talk to me. I'll take a memo, make a call or give directions. You can think of me as your personal assistant. It's quite simple, really - your wish is my command. I'll remember your likes and dislikes, from CD tracks to frequent contacts. I can navigate you to your destination. I'm the Clarion AutoPC, but you'll probably thin of a more affectionate name for me. I'm a talking computer, powered by Microsoft Windows CE™ operating system. And I'm surrounded by a great car audio system from one of the best in the business. With me in your dashboard, you have voice control over a premium entertainment system, information management, 2-way communications, navigations aids and more… I love the sound of your voice, so just talk to me.” --Your 310c
Audio FEATURES blur the line between business and pleasure.
Clarion has been a leader in car audio for nearly a half century, and the audio component of the AutoPC is a great car audio system from one of the best in the business. A musical instrument with the heart of a computer, Clarion AutoPC brings life to your car with 10 AM and 10 FM preset stations, a total of 140 Watts (35w x 4) of power and a 10-Band Digital Equalizer with a memory of 3 presets (for different listeners or music types). It also has a 4-Channel pre-amp output and a voice control over volume. The CD player is the first in-dash unit to also read CD-ROM data discs, and it controls the optional 6-disc changer (not included). Clarion AutoPC doesn't just talk, it sings!

A DISPLAY that lets you get more out of life
More than just a pretty face, you get more information, more performance, more enjoyment. A brilliant 8-Color, active matrix (256x64) LCD screen dominates the faceplate and displays the world's first Graphical User Interface in a car audio device. It pivots out to reveal the CD slot, and its is detachable for extra security. You will be visibly impressed!!

COMPUTING FEATURES are at the heart of it.
Music may drive the soul, but it's a computer at the heart of the Clarion AutoPC. The Microsoft Windows CE operating system provides an open platform for unlimited upgrades and add-ons. It also provides a very intuitive way to work incredible features like voice-activated control, text-to-speech reading ability, voice memo, address book, direction finding and lots more.

The BIG NEWS is Voice Control
Hands-Free selection and adjustment of most functions, you might say, at the tip of your tongue. Clarion AutoPC has the capability to recognize over 200 words and its text-to-speech (reading) capability is truly a mind-boggling feature. This alone is reason enough to buy the AutoPC!

HARDWARE that cranks the fun up to maximum and filters out the frustrations
Even if you've never touched a computer before, you'll soon love the Hitachi SH3 processor. Not by name, of course, but by performance. The same goes for the 16 MB DRAM/8 MB ROM, Digital Sound Processor, Compact Flash Card slot, and infrared data port. Only an engineer would be impressed with the specs. You'll just love how it works!!

With Clarion AutoPC™, new territory doesn't have to be foreign territory, and you'll never have to fumble with maps or written directions again. The Navigation features of the AutoPC make finding even the most hidden-away destination a snap - all you need to do is tell the AutoPC where you are and where you want to go, and you're on your way. This Package Includes the GP8 GPS Antenna/Receiver

Why should driving to work force you to take a break from the Information Age? Clarion AutoPC™ is designed to keep you entirely in the know, continuously involved and connected with the information and people that are vital to you. The AutoPC acts as an in-dash personal assistant. The world doesn't stop when you drive - let the AutoPC help you make good time

Starting today, being in the car no longer means being out of contact. The communications features found in Clarion AutoPC™ are nothing less than revolutionary - from hands-free phoning and "anywhere" email to full integration with your handheld address book, Clarion AutoPC™ keeps you in touch mile after mile.

Flash Card
The Package Comes With a 16 MB Compact Flash Card for transferring data from your personal computer to the AutoPC.

Aftermarket Add-on software for Windows CE is available at that you can load into your AutoPC that will allow it to play MP3's…. The software is $19. This is AWESOME!!!!

Famous Last Words: I'll Never Use All This!
It looks like a lot, laid out in a list like this, but the features of the AutoPC are so easy to learn, you'll be the boss in no time. Once you master the voice, ears, faceplate and brain, what's next? Perhaps, some day, you could teach it to serve you lunch… Hey, it could happen.

-- Microsoft Windows CE Operating System
-- AM/FM Stereo
-- 35 Watts x 4 Amplification
-- 4 Pre-Amp Outputs
-- CD/CD-ROM Player
-- Microphone
-- Voice Control
-- Text-To-Speech Messages
-- Universal Serial Bus (USB)
-- Infrared Data Port
-- Type II Compact Flash Card Slot
-- 1 Din Form Factor
-- Hitachi SH3 Processor
-- Digital Sound Processor (DSP)
-- 16 MB Ram & 8 MB ROM
-- 256x64x8 Color LCD
-- Serial Port (For GPS Receiver)
-- Address Book
-- Removable Faceplate
-- Voice Memo
-- 16MB Compact Flash Memory Card
-- Clarion GPS Receiver/Antenna (GP8)